Vivian Gonzalez

Welcome to Ocean Real Estate Group, LLC. As Broker. Owner, my vision is to build and scale a real estate brokerage that provides boutique and high level specialized service to customers from all the different areas of real estate in Florida, and South Carolina. I have a brokers license in both states, and a real estate instructor's license in Florida, and have been helping customers successfully buy, sell, or lease their property from commercial, to residential transactions to business brokerage, over the last 10 years. In addition as a real estate instructor I love to teach those students from all walks of life getting their real estate license, and maintaining it through Post Licensing education and Continuing Education courses. I actively work to tutor students that need help to pass the Florida Real Estate State exam as well. I have a Bachelor's of Science in Microbiology/ Immunology, English Literature and a minor in French from the University of Miami, and American University of Paris. I come from a very disciplined area/career in biopharmaceutical sales with a strong proven record of success in sales and accolades to include President’s club member generating over $1 million in profit / year alone to being nominated for salesperson of the year and more, selling plasma derivatives IVIG, Hemophilic factors, vaccines, hyper immunes and injectable medications to hospitals, and specialty pharmacies from 2000-2014 when I transitioned into real estate. I started my real estate career in Greenville, SC and after 5 years as a sales associate there became a Broker, Owner of Ocean Real Estate Group, and Florida Real Estate Instructor in 2019, and taught at several locations in Vero Beach Fl and with Gold Coast Schools in Orlando Fl where I currently reside. I am building a team of highly trained agents that want to work in a specific niche of real estate where they feel they can thrive in best and are most passionate about. I plan provide the guidance, training and support along with the BEST tools in the industry they need to create their own record breaking businesses within our brokerage.

Hiring the best to provide the best customer experience. The idea is to give the customer the real estate experience they never had and always wanted, to create a brand that is solid long term and known for its integrity, professionalism, expertise, white glove boutique service, and impeccable customer service. Currently I am working to expand a team of agents in Orlando, then to expand the agent count in other locations within Florida accomplish both the short term immediate goals and long term goals of the company, EXCITED like crazy to shake the South Carolina, Orlando and Fl market up, and serve as many customers as possible. I speak English, Spanish, and French. My deepest thanks to everyone of you that has believed in me, my strengths, talent and vision, and who have provided me with the support to grow in so many different ways. Thank you. Ocean Real Estate Group, LLC is honored to represent our customers and work relentlessly to help them accomplish all of their real estate related goals!